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Have you dreamed of being a super human being? You already are one, you know! You have but to discover and use the power that lies dormant within you!

The most effective part of my course is to introduce you to your super power and give you the techniques you need to harness and use it. It is a miraculous programme, in which you are guided step by step to have complete mastery over your life to achieve health, wealth, happiness, harmonious relationship, success and whatever else you want in life.

It is a culture, evolving a new way of life, taking you to the peak of effectiveness in every aspect of your life. My course invokes the true intellectual, emotional, mental and physical potential in each student.

Personality development, in my opinion, is a complete shift in the consciousness of students so that they are able to give their 100% attention to the task at hand, be it study, work or anything else.

Learning is a fantastic experience. Then why do students feel that education is boredom and drudgery?

In my classroom, learning takes place at four different levels:

1.     Conscious mind

2.     Sub-conscious mind

3.     Intellectual level

4.     Ego level

Our conscious mind can be compared to a black board. If a teacher does not have a duster and she goes on writing over the previous material, the students will only he confused. This is what is happening in the present day education system. More and more information is being stuffed but the ability to clear the mind is not given to our students.

The solution to this problem lies in meditation. It is a systematic technique to calm the mind and clear its clutter. I make my students practice 30 different meditations. Once their thought process settles down, they realize their true potential.

The second learning in at the subconscious level. Our conscious mind in limited but our subconscious mind is boundless. The conscious mind is like a computer screen where images are projected, but our subconscious mind is like the hard disc, where images are stored in files in a systematic manner. It is like Aladdin's genie, which can fulfill all our wishes.

I programme the subconscious mind of my students into believing that they can achieve whatever they intend. This boosts their confidence and makes them energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic.

This leads us to the third level i.e. the level of intelligence. When the thinking process settles down, the concentration and memory improve tremendously, raising the level of intelligence automatically.

The fourth is the ego level. Everyone draws a boundary wall around him, strongly believing that his achievement is restricted within this wall. My job is to break this wall of conditioning in my students, making them realize their immeasurable strength to achieve anything and everything they intend. Then there are no obstacles, only opportunities.

This training forms the most valuable part of all my courses. Once my students become aware of their immense power and true capability, learning English and clearing IELTS become very easy and effortless.