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Ball room and Latin American Dance

Dancing is the liberation of mind, body and soul. It is nothing but the shedding of inhibitions.

How elevating it is to sway and swing with the beat and rhythm!

If you want to hit the dance floor with ease, grace and elegance, here is an opportunity to learn eleven different types of Ballroom and Latin American dances.

1. Salsa

2. Cha Cha Cha

3. Jive

4. Waltz

5. Lambada

6. Tango

7. Foxtrot

8. Samba

9. Rumba

10. Quickstep

11. Mambo

Five solid reasons why you should join my dance courses:-

1. I teach 15 different patterns for each dance form with proper name for each pattern.

2. These patterns are in the order of difficulty, moving from the basic to more intricated ones.

3. I pay individual attention to each and every student.

4. I have taught hundreds of such people, who had never stepped on the dance floor before joining my course.

5. Just a course of two months will not only make you perfect in a particular dance form but will also fill you with bubbling energy and enthusiasm.

These dance forms are beautiful, giving you fun, relaxation and companionship at the same time