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I give counselling sessions to the people who are under depression or frustration. Each session lasts for two hours. The improvement starts from the very first session , but roughly 5 to 7 sessions are enough , depending upon the severity of the problem to bring a person out of his depressed state and help him lead a fruitful life with the positive frame of mind.

I use the method of deep meditation to make a person mentally stable & balanced. I take the person to theta level of the brain by using the technique of hypnosis and then programme his subconscious mind , filling it with positive affirmations & intentions ,according to his wishes and aspirations. This helps him in achieving all his desired goals and objectives.

People feel relaxed and light after each session .They fill as if heavy load were removed from their mind. These session remove all their mental blocks and release all the negative emotions, accumulated in the form of chemicals in the body. This heals the body at the cellular level and makes a person physically and mentally strong.