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About Rashmi

Passion,enthusiasm and perseverance - these are the dominant traits summing up the personality of Rashmi Sabharwal. Brought up in the loving environment of a well knit family, she imbibed the spiritual values and ethics instinctively in her life.

A master's degree in English Literature (M.A.), a Bachelor's degree in Education (B.Ed.) and a Diploma in Creative Writing in English gave her a firm footing to embark her career in the field of English teaching. But these degrees were not enough to hold her aspiring spirit.

An intense blaze and a divine spark within her gave her an impetus to forage into varied new learning experiences, coming her way. The elite world of the Indian Army gave her new pastures to tread on every time she moved to a new place along with her husband and children. As the wife of an Army Officer, she continued her career in English teaching, but at the same time she kept on pursuing her varied interests and hobbies through multifarious activities

She is a wonderful public speaker and has given motivational speeches and talks indifferent forums like Rotary Club, British Library, Tuff Track International Workshops etc. Her recent presentation on the famous book"The Secret"

by Rhonda Byrne in the British Library, Chandigarh, enthralled the audience and filled them with positive energy. She has also conducted various workshops for English teachers on the interactive

method of teaching English at different places like Pune, Delhi, Suratgarh and Sikanderabad. She has also done a tremendous job as the Master of Ceremonies on many formal occasions and parties.

She is also a prolific writer. Her feature articles, short stories and poems have been carried by various newspapers and magazines from time to time. She wrote a series of articles for Education Times, The Times of India on the spiritual education in schools. This series won wide popularity in Hyderabad.


She taught English at the secondary and senior secondary levels in various reputed schools in various parts of India.For the last seven years, she has been training candidates for IELTS and English speaking. Her training in personality development is highly motivational, enthusing the youth to move ahead in life with a positive frame of mind.

She also took formal training along with her husband in the Ballroom and Latin American Dances in Pune. They have won many prizes in various dance competitions at different places. On 31st December, 2009they won the prizes of the best dancing couple and the Blue Moon Couple at DSOI (Defence Service Officers Institute). On 29 May 2010, she won the crown of the DSOI May Queen in her age group. She is actively involved in all the activities of the British Library. She attended the10 day workshop of Cuban Salsa conducted by the Ballroom Dance wizard,Sandeep Soparkar in Chandigarh in December, 2009. She also attended the grand finale of this workshop at Hotel Shivalik along with her husband and their photograph in the dancing posture appeared on the front pageof Chandigarh Bhaskar.

In the Valentine's Week, celebrated in the British Library in February2008, she captivated the audience with her poem 'Mental Image' and won the first prize.

She has also done many spiritual courses like Art of Living, Divya Samaj Nirman, Siddha Samadhi Yoga, three degrees of Reiki, Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. She also won a great applause in the leadership and public speaking training course of Tuff Track International.

She has been invited as a Chief Guest many times in the programmes of TuffTrack International and her speeches have always won everyone's heart.